About Us

Richie Culver is an artist and photographer of a distinct collection of arts. He has always found Brutalism as an aesthetic when it comes to architecture and arts. He became inspired with this type of design and was eventually influenced by this. Culver used Brutalist architecture as his own type and concept of the arts. Interpretations of youth and culture are both something he is good at as well. Because of that, TOPMAN asked him to delve into his collections and use it as the peg of designs for their fashion collection.

This artist used his concept in many ways such as fashion and photography. Our team were so fascinated by his works and decided to create this website not just for Richie Culver but also for other arts, artists and photographer along with their unique photographs. We’d like to find more distinct and amazing creations from other people and share it to all of you.

Art and Photography are both popular nowadays. Many people would prefer taking photos and sharing it to others through applications and social media now. There are also many interesting and aspiring artists out there so we thought of doing something to make them recognized.

Since we are inspired with many arts and photographs, we became delighted to make our website level up not too long ago. Our team decided to let artists and photographers, professionals or not, to share their artworks and photos with us. We want to give them recognition through our website and since we started to do that, many have been interested in participating as well. It is our mission to spread unique and distinct works of art from all over the world and from numerous people. It has been a great experience to learn more about this thing and let others be known for their great skills. We hope to meet more great artists and photographers in the future.